City Public Links Association


Mailing address:     WGKCPLA- c/o Chris Baird 
                                  25461 Tonganoxie Drive
                                  Leavenworth, KS 66048


Our History

In 1976 three public club professionals -- Everett Vinzant, Overland Park; Vic Sirna, Southview; and Carl Pugh, St. Andrews – thought women who played at public courses should have an opportunity to compete with players from other public courses, as did members of private clubs through the Kansas City Golf Association. They involved club pros at two additional courses –Shamrock Hills and Rockwood – and each named two or three representatives to organize the WGKCPLA.

The first meeting of these representatives was Jan 31, 1977 – 11 members represented 5 courses. The representatives were:
·         Edna Farrar and Loretta Kobus from Overland Park
·         Pek Heidrick and Katie Quiett from Rockwood
·         Toni Creamer and Van Elder from Shamrock
·         Gwynn Drown and Betty Reed from Southview
·         Joyce Hamill, Monty Miller and Mary Spradlin from St. Andrew's

Our 1st Officers were President: Edna M. Farra, Vice President: Monty Miller, Secretary: Betty Reed, Treasurer: Toni Creamer, Sports Chairman: Loretta Kobus and Publicity Chairman: Gwynn Drown. 



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